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5 Tips to create a Pinterest-worthy Earring Stack

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With the weather warming up and lockdown coming to an end it’s time to strip back your layers and amp up your jewellery game. Because in a sea of bikini clad gals, you need something to give you an edge, right? Well, this is it.

Your earring stack is without a doubt the best accessory to showcase your personal style, especially when all you’re wearing is white linen shirts and denim skirts over your favourite swimsuit for the next 4 months (or at least I will be). With endless beach days turning into boozy lunches, which turn into sunset cocktails with no time to get changed in-between, I guarantee it’s better to be (fashionably) prepared!

So, the big question is: How do you get that Pinterest-worthy earring stack and not end up with a messy clump of mismatched earrings?

 As someone who spends A LOT of time on ‘Earring’ Pinterest, shooting, designing and thinking about earring content, let me give you the lowdown.

 Here are my top tips to create that It-girl earring stack.

  1. Pick the main character

 Always start with your favourite earring, whatever you’re vibing that day, and then build on the colour or style of that piece to create your stack.

                 Above: Olivia Huggie, Chain Huggie, Nima Huggie, Trinity Stud
  1. Size matters

The easiest rule to follow so that you never miss, is to start with the biggest earring at the bottom and work your way to the smallest as you go up the ear. Of course, there are exceptions to this, depending on which piercings and how many you have, but it’s a good rule of thumb if you’re feeling completely lost.

For example, start with a pendant huggie hoop in your firsts, and then work your way up to a stud at the top e.g. in your cartilage piercing.

  1. Mismatch

 This tip is especially for those of you who don’t have 10 piercings on both sides. Maybe you only have two. Get creative and mismatch your earrings!

If you’re working with simpler earrings (i.e. no pendants), use the same earrings but switch up the order on the other side. If you are working with a variety of styles, big and small earrings, create a colour palette or textural theme to play around with.

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix metals

Fashion is freedom, so chuck the rule book out and play around with silver and gold.

 However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed then try an earring like the Planet Pendant Huggies which do the work for you. Then, you can use gold or silver earrings to finish off the rest of the ear.

Above: Planet Pendant Huggies, Evil Eye Huggies, Minimal Studs

  1. Balance is key

Finally, make sure that everything is looking balanced. If you’ve only used huggies with pendants, do you need to add a stud or a minimal huggie so it doesn’t look overkill? If you’ve only gone for simple studs, do you need to add some length down the bottom to spice it up? You get what I’m saying.

Now that you have all of the hot tips, get creative! And if you need some more pieces to fill the earring-sized gaps in your life, you know where to look (link below) x

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