Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2019.

Dos Chicas Locas is an Australian jewellery and accessories brand. It was founded in 2019 by Mia McNeill, a Sydney based jewellery designer.

The brand offers seasonal collections of lovingly designed statement earrings and other jewellery made from cubic zirconia stones set in sterling silver. Inspired by coastal living around the world, the brand is reminiscent of warm summer evenings, dancing into the night and sunset cocktails with your closest friends.

Our exclusive collections are accompanied by curated 9-2-5 jewellery pieces and accessories. From on trend earrings, cuffs, rings and necklaces in a variety styles of to bags and other everyday wearable pieces, Dos Chicas Locas hopes to excite different ways to add colour and fun into your wardrobe.

Working in luxury fashion since finishing high school, Mia has been instilled with a slow-fashion mentality. Investing in quality pieces versus excessively buying helps you appreciate fashion and gain a deeper understanding of your personal style.

Therefore with every collection, we set out to create the ultimate party jewellery to take you from day to night and all around the world while wearing the same little black dress. We want women to feel confident and look their best without needing to keep up with fast fashion trends.

To all of the girls who live their life to the fullest, are not afraid to take risks and take up space: this brand is in honour of you.


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