Cadena Earrings in Silver

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A crystal waterfall for your summer dreams, the Cadena earrings feature cascading chains, encrusted in cubic zirconia. These earrings are elegant and sophisticated with a hint of playfulness and are a staple in any statement jewellery collection. Layer them with ear cuffs to add another dimension of style, and sparkle in the sun with these mesmerising adornments. 

Available in clear/silver. 


  • Length 80mm
  • Width 9mm

Crafted from 925 Sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Designed in Sydney, Australia.

How to look after Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Wash Gently

If you’ve been wearing it all day, it’s a good idea to give it a gentle wash. Use a mild soap and warm water, then give it a buff with a soft brush.

Use a Polishing Cloth

To help your jewellery shine, rinse, pat dry and wipe over with a polishing cloth.

Store Safely

It's best to take it off all jewellery at the end of the day and store it somewhere safe.

What To Avoid

Avoid Abrasive Bristles

CZ is tough, but remember to take care of the precious metal setting as well. When cleaning your CZ jewellery be careful not to scrub the metal setting too hard.

Avoid Lotion and Perfumes

Make sure you let any lotions or perfumes absorb into your skin before putting on your jewellery for the day.